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Totara Learning Solutions, provider of the powerful packaged distribution of Moodle, released Totara LMS 2.2.

The launch of Totara 2.2 is an important milestone for the company as it brings together the latest innovations from Totara along with all the benefits of being on the Moodle 2.x framework.  Totara LMS is a distribution of Moodle, meaning that it is a package with specialized extensions and functionality designed for a specific target audience, being corporate and work-place learning.

Totara benefits from a ‘community ecosystem’ approach to innovation which encourages contribution and input to improve Totara not only from the Totara core team, but also the wider community of partners and clients. This has resulted in the rapid integration of features that partners and clients alike want from their LMS. Collaboration on new 2.2 features included working with Totara Partners’ Kineo and Webanywhere, and the extra capacity and capability from open source specialists, Catalyst IT.

As well as all the features of Moodle 2.2, the launch of Totara 2.2 also includes Totara Sync, which more easily enables integrations with 3rd party systems such as Peoplesoft, SAP or other HRIS. It enables the synchronization of user, position and organisation hierarchies between Totara and an external source.

New collaborative innovations also include Audience Management, which enables administrators to define groups of users on the basis of rule and rule-set combinations in order to manage course and program enrolments. This functionality is particularly important for larger enterprise clients.

Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara Learning Solutions said, “Collaboration and the distribution model are really important elements to get open source technologies into new market spaces. Rather than needing to take a ‘software development kit’ approach with the general product and sell to corporates on the potential of Moodle if customized, it is much easier to present the Totara distro, which is already designed and pre-configured for the enterprise. For this reason, Totara is a game-changing LMS for the corporate sector, comprising a rich feature-set and commercial grade support but with all of the benefits and freedom open source brings to play. We’re very excited to be developing on the 2.x framework, as it provides the foundations for a new wave of innovations, and further collaboration opportunities with our clients and the wider Moodle community.”

About Totara

Totara Learning Solutions, backed by Kineo, Kineo Pacific and Catalyst IT, is a global alliance dedicated to fundamentally changing the nature of the LMS software market.  Totara is a packaged distribution of the open source platform, Moodle, and is available on a subscription basis which provides on-going support and enhancements. Totara can reduce a corporate enterprise’s learning management costs significantly whilst providing some of the most advanced learning management functionality.

From a simple concept; that open source software has many advantages over proprietary or in-house development, comes a big vision; to transform corporate learning. Totara is delivering this vision though;

  • Driving down costs with zero license fees
  • Delivering peace of mind with commercial support
  • Offering a collaborative model of innovation
  • Making customization easy
  • Ensuring freedom from vendor lock-in

Over 150 organizations have already selected Totara LMS. These include large corporations with over 200,000 employees to small enterprises with less than 500 users. Totara LMS clients come from a variety of sectors, including finance, retail, energy, health, government and the not-for-profit sector.

For more information visit: www.totaralms.com

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