Too many users to search effectively? Vote this tracker issue up


If you’re running a huge Moodle installation and manually managing enrollment then this might be an applicable tracker issue for you.  What the fix does is list exact matches first when you’re searching for users to enroll (rather than listing them just as part of the subset that is returned).  This should make it easier to locate, identify and enroll users (also eliminating user errors that might occur when two user IDs/names are very similar.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The fix was coded and contributed by Open University‘s Tim Hunt and may (with your help) make it into the core features of Moodle.  Do you have a lot of users?  How do you get around this issue?


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  1. Oh, thanks for advertising this. Eloy has correctly pointed out that we need the same logic everywhere we search for users, so the task has got bigger, but it is worth doing, I think.


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