This post is republished with permission from the Moodle Association of Japan Newsletter (Vol. 1) from February 2012.  

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Do you have more than one course? Do you want to copy activities from one Moodle course to another? Have you wanted to copy something from your colleague’s course? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the Sharing Cart is the plugin for you. Of course, Moodle has a standard Backup and Restore, but that can take more than twenty clicks and up to 5 minutes to move a single item. The Sharing Cart does it in seconds with 3-4 clicks.

At Sapporo Gakuin University, our teachers share quizzes, videos, surveys, links and handouts between each other every day using Sharing Cart 1.9. We keep a section on our site to keep templates of our best courses. Then any teacher can go there and grab a quiz or assignment that they like. Also each of us has 5-10 classes per week. So just duplicating an activity into another course takes just seconds. It is our number one plugin that teachers love. So needless to say, we would never move to Moodle 2 without it.

Fortunately, just released by Version2 software, Sharing Cart 2.2 will do the same process for you in the latest Moodle release. Our programmer, Tomonori Maruyama, explains that the Sharing Cart is very stable, because it uses the standard backup and restore code from Moodle core. Mr. Maruyama will be demonstrating the Sharing Cart at MoodleMoot Japan in Mie, so be sure to watch for his presentation in Mie in February. You can also get documentation on Moodle Docs.

The Sharing Cart is a block. So it can be installed in less than five minutes. As a site administrator, download the zip file, unzip it, and drag it into the blocks folder. Then go to Site Administrator and click on Notifications. The Sharing Cart will install itself and you are done. Just activate the Sharing Cart by adding it as a block in any course you visit . The Sharing Cart is a persona l bloc k that only copies things for you. The block follows you around your site like a little “pocket” to store things (resources and activities) that might be useful. Of course, it only copies the activity format, never the user names and content.

Contact Don Hinkelman and ask for your free copy of the Sharing Cart (Hinkel at

For more information or to download the Sharing Cart visit  To read the MAJ Newsletter in it’s entirety visit (note that the Japan Moot is coming up this February 22nd and 23rd.  

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