Disclaimer, I have no affiliation with Course Merchant. This info was gathered during a demo from their staff.  I do however have experience delivering courses from Moodle using the standard Paypal Enrollment PluginPOST UPDATE 1/14/14: note that the prices and monthly fees quoted herein do not seem to be applicable to Course Merchant any longer. Please contact them for a quote.

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If you’re currently selling and delivering certificate courses or online programs via Moodle and using the Paypal enrollment plugin you probably have discovered some of the limitations:

  • users have to be authenticated first
  • sometimes notification emails aren’t sent
  • user registration can be muddied by email service providers
  • no nice way to do course bundles or coupons

If you’ve discovered these but are dealing with it, Course Merchant might be worth a look.  Course Merchant provides a full front end site that can plugin to your Moodle and manage your course catalog, shopping cart, checkout and enrollment process (still using Paypal if you want).  Their shopping cart/catalog system offers some pretty slick features that an online course provider might want:

  • enrollment duration with variable pricing
  • bundles and packages management
  • coupon codes and promotions
  • bulk purchasing discounts
  • multiple seat purchasing/licensing
  • great looking “front end” catalog to showcase courses

The cost is a few hundred dollars for setup and $50 per month (see post update above).  Not insignificant but not a huge amount if your supplemental income or livelihood is channeled through Moodle course delivery.  You can also check out some of Course Merchant’s clients to see the system in action:

And many more showcased on http://www.coursemerchant.com/course-merchant/portfolio-page/

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  1. I’ve just had a price list from Course Merchant and its not “A few hundred dollars for setup and $50 per month”
    It is $3750 for the standard set up and $1750 annually for hosting and support.

  2. yes you are correct, Alex. My apologies at the time of the original post that was the case, since then their business terms have changed significantly.

  3. What is the limit of the number of students moodle
    can handle?

    Can it handle up to a Million students?

  4. there are a 1mm plus users at Moodle.org, the largest Moodle installation in the world.

  5. Hi,

    I would like you to take a look at our WooCommerce Moodle Integration Plugin. A very simple plugin that integrates your Moodle coures with WooCommerce.

    Features include:
    -Sell Moodle courses with WooCommerce
    -Auto Registration to Moodle LMS
    -Single login credentials for registeres users

    The plugin cost is only $55 for a year license with updates and support.

    For more details, you can take a look here. http://wisdmlabs.com/woocommerce-moodle-integration-solution/

  6. Hi,

    I dont find the option to update enroll start, end dates for a user. This control is available in “Enrolled Users” page for manual enrollment. Only the records with PayPal enrollment method does not have this settings icon. See the screenshot. Highlighted part is PayPal enrollment with no settings.

    Can anyone help me regarding this ?


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