Martin Dougiamas (@Moodler) keynoting is not to miss…while I wasn’t able to attend the 5am keynote given during the iMoot I was able to watch the recording and I am glad I did.

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Mr. Dougiamas always provides a hands on type of demonstration of what’s newest and greatest within Moodle.  This keynote was no different.  Martin started by highlighting the various changes in Moodle 2.3 which will be released mid-late June 2012 (once QA and testing has wrapped up).  The focus of Moodle HQ’s efforts this development cycle has been largely focused on increasing the usability of Moodle and mitigating some of the most widely criticized aspects of the 2.0 platform.  Here’s what’s in store:

Aesthetics: from the activity picker (rather than drop downs) to Topics as pages and a +/- button for adding additional topics without accessing the settings page there is a lot to look forward to which will reduce page loads and make course construction and navigation that much easier.

File Manager: the oft maligned file manager was one of the most critized aspects of 2.x.  The picker is now getting an overhaul in looks and also in how it functions.  Now teachers and students will have an easier way managing both course and private files and there’s are clearer “links” or “shortcuts” to files which are used in various places (creating a clearer one-to-many file management system).

Also with drag and drop as part of core.

Book module: now in core.

Quiz module: autosubmit once the timer has run out is now operational.

Workshop: retooled and more visually oriented to let teachers know how the module operates (highlighting the various steps in the tools employment).

Plugins: now administrators can get notifications once plugins have been updated in the Moodle repository.  Never miss an update!

Android app: unfortunately this is likely not coming any time soon (not to worry though as there is an alternative)

If you’re curious about other aspects of Moodle 2.3, checking out Mark Drechsler’s blog is a great place to start (check out his post about Moodle 2.3 or catch the video below).

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