Ever have the need to try out some questions in Moodle quizzes that you might use later (but want to get some no-stakes feedback now)?  Moodle assessments let you set a value for every question you ask, so setting any questions that you’re piloting to zero will not affect student scores (though it will have an effect on the number of questions students see).

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If you are delivering LOTS of examinations and quantitative assessments it’s good practice to create  new assessment items and cycling them through your banks and retiring old “worn out” questions;  zero value questions on exams is a great way to do that.

One consideration: If you do this using Moodle’s quiz feature students will see how much value every question has, so if your test questions are worth zero points, students might notice.  Below is an example of what a zero point question in Moodle quiz looks like.

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