This work by Mari Cruz García is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported License.   Mari Cruz is an educational technologist at the University of Dundee and supports an online postgraduate programme there.

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According to her note to Moodlenews,

I have elaborated a guide about how to set up a staging Moodle, as a replica of the production site, which I have shared with the Moodle UK community. I would like to share the guide with the rest of the community. Coming myself from an original Linux background, I think that the guide could be very useful for those administrators-technicians who have to start using Moodle in a windows server.

Within the PDF Mari Cruz provides the 7 steps in detail of how to copy your production Moodle site for staging and/or testing.

From gathering information to configuring the new installation it’s all detailed.

  1. Basic requirements
  2. folders structure
  3. IIS configuration
  4. Changes in php.ini
  5. configuration of MySQL
  6. Restoring Moodle from backup database
  7. configuring Moodle

The guide also links to handy tools/resources to make the process easier.

Download the guide: Setting up a Moodle staging server (general version)

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