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In light of this official announcement,

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It’s the 18th of June, I hear you saying.  Probably 19th in Australia.  Where’s Moodle 2.3?  I’ve had my coffee and I’m ready to install it!  What happened to “no more late releases”, you say?

Well, the answer is that this release contains a lot of great new stuff.  It is the best version of Moodle yet, without any question, and I think we have developed some things that are totally new and unique in the LMS world, or indeed of any web application.  It is also being subjected to the most stringent testing that any Moodle release has ever had.  The combination means we are discovering a lot of little unexpected issues and complications.

The good news is we have teams of brilliant men and women finding and fixing these issues so you will never see them.   The bad news is that this process is ongoing, and we could not in good conscience call it finished until it is done.  (I don’t think you’d want us to either)

So please bear with us – we are going as fast as we can.  I think the wait will be worth it, though.

As a humble offering in the meantime, please accept Moodle 2.3 Beta (on the Moodle download page) for your testing and trialling pleasure.  And remember you can get the latest builds anytime from our git repository.

Moodle 2.3 is postponed one more week until 6/25 for more QA and testing.  Check out the progress here:


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