If you’re a Chrome user like me, then you’ve noticed their cool window navigation when you open a new tab. Click in the left margin of the tab to see your most frequented sites, click in the right margin to see your list of Chrome apps.  It’s all very simple and totally intuitive.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

What I’d like, is a course format that borrowed a little from the Chrome nav to make it easier for students to move to the next topic once they’ve finished with what is on the page.  I’m not talking tabs, but rather a more Book-like navigation where each Topic is a page and they are arranged linearly (as many courses usually are).

I think it could easily be done using existing screen real estate in a Moodle course.  Here’s a mockup course shown with the grey margins on either side of the topic.  As you can see, the course summary is maintained on all pages and the topics are collapsed in order to display only 1 at a time.

Here’s a mockup with Arrows added:

And clicking on the arrow would return the next Topic area (see below):

Anyone else want something like this?  I realize you can hack this in by using static links to the individual course pages, but I would rather it be created dynamically and easily across a site.  I’d even be willing to donate to the cause/work order for its development (hint hint developers).  It’d also be nice to nix the #s placed to the left of each topic in that grey area.

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  1. Nadav, this is AWESOME. I will start playing with this immediately but you are correct that it’s definitely along the lines of what I am looking for.

    Cheers and thanks!


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