Moodlerooms has now released two new course formats to the database, Flexpage for Moodle 2 and the Folder View course format.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

According to Kris Stokking the lead maintainer from Moodlerooms,

The Folder View course format displays activities and resources within a folder that is expandable or collapsible. This course format can display all folders on a page or a single folder at a time with previous and next topic navigations or a jump-to menu, which each allow the student to easily navigate between folders. Editing functionality is consolidated for the course into an area at the top of the page. This course format mimics many of the features of ANGEL folders, making previous ANGEL users feel more at home within a Moodle environment. The plugin was also developed with an eye towards consolidating the editing functionality in Moodle’s Topics and Weeks course formats.

Folder View is a cross between the “each topic on a page” and condensed topic format for Moodle; creating a concise table of contents for course topic areas but also allowing users to view courses from a single page.  Either way it’s a great way to combat the scroll of death.

Check out some screenshots below and for more information hit up


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