Moodlerooms has provided the community with Google Apps integration and now follows with [email protected] integration for it’s Moodlers worldwide.  This release was originally found at  More information about Moodlerooms and [email protected] can be found at and respectively.

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Moodlerooms, Inc., has developed an integration connecting Microsoft’s [email protected] services and Moodle, the world’s most widely-used learning management system. With this integration, Moodlerooms will make select functionality of [email protected] directly accessible within the Moodle 2 and 1.9 environments via single sign-on, further enabling teachers and students to access the quality, enterprise-level tools they need to effectively teach and learn online.

Microsoft [email protected] makes hosted email, communications and collaboration services freely available to educational institutions. Now benefitting over 22 million people worldwide, [email protected] provides access to Microsoft Outlook Live (email), a series of Microsoft Office web applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), and Windows Live SkyDrive (online storage).

Moodlerooms’ Microsoft [email protected] services plug-in for Moodle enables users to:

  • Log into courses using their Windows Live ID and display select Live Services on a Moodle site.
  • View and compose emails and calendar events within a Moodle site using Outlook® Live
  • Access Windows Live Messenger chat and Bing™ search engine within a course.

By releasing the [email protected] integration to the 55-million user open-source Moodle community, Moodlerooms is enhancing the Moodle teaching and learning experience while extending the global reach of sustainable education solutions.

“The interoperability between Moodle 2 and Microsoft’s [email protected] services is important to Moodle users on a global basis,” says Phill Miller, Moodlerooms Vice President of Product Strategy, “By having this available in Moodle, Microsoft and Moodle users worldwide will be able to use the most recent releases of both products in a seamless fashion.”

Moodlerooms will be releasing the Moodle and Microsoft Live Services plug-in code to Moodle’s Open Source Community under GPL Licensing, allowing teachers and institutions to download the plug-in under the same widely used open-source license agreement as Moodle. The plug-in will be freely available to download from the plug-in directory on Thursday February 23, 2012.

About Moodlerooms
Moodlerooms is an e-Learning company committed to supporting the goals of education across the globe. With turnkey, Software-as-a-Service solutions, Moodlerooms makes it easy and affordable for educational, corporate, and governmental institutions to manage and deliver their courses and content online. Founded in 2005, Moodlerooms is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, with associates based throughout North America and Europe.

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  1. It would have been nice if they would of spent some time maintaing and updating their Google integration code. It doesn’t really work anymore and hasn’t been touched for 2.X. It is nice to develop these things, but without support using it is pointless and dangerous.

    So I wouldn’t touch this integration with a 10 foot pole.


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