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Richard Wyles posted in the Moodle forums recently in regards to the Moodle + Mahara Badge project that Totara Learning Solutions is heading up.  The project is a recipient of a grant award through the Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition (supported/administered by the MacArthur Foundation and HASTAC).

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According to the post Totara Learning Solutions will work closely with Mozilla, Moodle HQ and Catalyst to bring the project to fruition.  What will the project seek to accomplish?

Issuing badges will leverage Moodle’s Activity and Course completion functionality. We are the maintainers of Course completion.

It is likely we will develop a significantly updated and modified version of the Certificate module, that will dispense Open Badge PNGs instead of PDF files.

Badges will be stored in Moodle and can also be downloadable by users once they have earned them.

A web service (open to all, no authentication needed) will be provided to help displayers verify the authenticity of badges issued by a specific Moodle site.

On the display side, we will create a new block for Moodle that users will be able to place on their profile page. It will be a similar version to the Mahara block and will use the same underlying library for interacting with the Open Badges API.

We will use the Moodle Portfolio API to push badges automatically to Mahara.

Read more at http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=197834 or http://www.openbadges.org/en-US/

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