Lambda Solutions is hosting topical webinars every month (1st Thursday) for their BC Campus Moodle clients and the “larger BC Moodle community”.  If you fit that bill (or if you’re just really curious about Moodle’s completion tracking features in 2.x you should try to check out this webinar.

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What: Moodle 2.x Webinars – short, topical webinars on Moodle 2.x features designed, hosted and sponsored by Lambda Solutions; facilitated by Ben Young and Chad Leaman of Lambda Solutions.
When: First Thursday of the month. The first session will be at 10:00 am on Thursday, April 5, 2012
How: Sessions delivered via web conferencing.
Topic: Completion tracking can be used to report on the students progress in a course or if a student has met the recommended prerequisites of a course. The Completion tracking feature works on two levels of Course Completion and Activity Completion.
Please complete registration at the following site:
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