The Sussex eLearning Team recently shared some of their findings from a user survey that highlights the impetus for some of the usability changes they’ve made to the site and why.  Sussex’s Moodle site ( is one of the best looking Moodle’s available (I highly encourage you to login as a guest and poke around); and it’s all running on Moodle 1.9.  The aesthetic changes have done wonders to the site and provide a much more intuitive and easier to use interface for both students and teachers.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

A lot of the changes stemmed directly from the survey highlighted in their presentation and other survey’s like it, including the addition to easy to add topics to the main page and a few other stuff (some of which is now available as features in Moodlerooms’ Joule and hopefully in Moodle core soon.

The full presentation slides are worth a read, maybe they’ll inspire some usability improvements of your own site.

My favorite slide comes early and highlights the complicated nature of 1.9’s file upload interface: 9 clicks. Read more at “Better User Experience, Better Learning Experience?

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