Here are a few organizations updating or beginning to use Moodle:

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  • National Repository for Online Courses‘ HippoCampus (NROC): NROC is a purveyor of open courseware and educational materials for high school through college and is part of the Monterey Institute.  Their courseware is now partially available via Moodle and guest access:
  • Louisiana State University, USA [article]: LSU has a long track record with Moodle but is rolling out its new Moodle 2 platform this summer to students.  Many of the updates, upgrades and new features were requested by current faculty.
  • Wollongong University, Australia [article]: Wollongong has joined with Netspot/Blackboard for hosting of Moodle and Mahara and is one of the growing number of schools in Australia using or migrating to Moodle.  Their transition to the open source platform hosted by Netspot will take place over the next 18 months.

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