A few months ago I had a the privilege of seeing a sneak peek of a new project by Moodlerooms called originally “FolkLOR”.  The premise: a curated repository of learning objects that teachers could easily search for, locate and add to their course, no advanced integration necessary.  The whole process, whether for a test of community (or private) exam items or for a video or other resources, took just a few clicks and was seamlessly integrated.  Did I mention that it didn’t matter what LMS you were using?

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With BBWorld now behind us it is now known that the project has morphed a little and is now known as Project XP or xpLOR (to be honest I liked the 1st name better).  Unfortunately for those of us that weren’t in NOLA for the event we only saw a few tweets (though one even came from @Moodler himself).

According to bloggers from the event is was a major facet of the BBWorld keynote, including a lengthy demonstration of the tool and its initial publisher partners (among them Khan Academy).  The keys of xpLOR are usability, simplicity, cross-platform and the content is all contextual.  Here’s a short bit (starting at around 0:40) that highlights Project XP.  Direct video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLhmYZnlj5A.

Check these two sources to read a bit more:

Blackboard’s xpLOR has a lot of potential to create a very user-friendly LTI plug and play community that any teacher can easily access and use.  With the addition of curated content (from publishers or schools) the sky seems to be the limit for OER (or even paid educational resources).  While I don’t have any additional details, what I can say is that when I saw it months ago I was pretty stoked about the possibilities and from the announcement at BBWorld it sounds like I still should be.  Hope it’s released widely soon.

Here are a few pictures to give you a sense of the easy to use interface:

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