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The world needs more Particularly Helpful Moodlers (PHMs) and you can help.  PHMs are generated automatically based on your contributions to in the forums, you might have noticed users posting with a little ‘m’ below their profile picture (see image). Posting questions and solutions is a great way to increase your running “score” which is what is used to designate you automatically to the PHM group.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

For example, go to the Using Moodle forums on [] and start reading posts about something you’re interested in or that you have Moodle experience in (or if you’re new to Moodle, search around and work with Moodle, if you get stumped ask something in the forums to get started!).  The calculation for PHM is based on the total number of posts you made and the ratings for that post (there also is a “recent contribution” requirement that you must have logged in and posted something over the past 2 months).  These are the criteria exactly:

  • Must have posted something in the past 60 days
  • Must have been rated “Useful” 14 or more times, by more than 8 raters
  • Must have a ratio of total ratings to total posts of 0.02 or greater.

In my opinion PHMs are the GREAT resource in’s forums and help to highlight how has been a little ahead of the score compared to other communities and networks.  Several educational social networks and Q&A tools have started “scoring” users based on interactions, the PHM designation is a nice elegant solution to providing a similar level of recognition.

So, if you’re not registered at yet, you should be.  And if you’re not contributing in the forums, well…

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  1. I’m one! And the day I became one, I do not know. But boy, it was a great feeling when I discovered I was one on! That’s one badge to own on your avatar.


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