Here’s a pretty slick new feature that could be available in Moodle, it’s a collaborative drag and drop workspace that allows students to simply drag and drop from their desktops to Moodle to share images or other files in real-time. The project is created by Felix Albertos Marco of the University of Castilla-La Mancha as part of his Ph D in Advanced Computer Sciences Technologies.  The site is open for you to check out the resources as well.

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Get the low down from or

Get the login information from

Simple and effective collaboration and sharing.

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  1. If you want a personal account, contact:
    [email protected]

    Otherwise, to gain guest access, use one of the following accounts to log in moodle. Then, you will be able to show and test the prototypes.

    To perform collaborative activities it is recomended to use different user names!

    To access it, go here:

    User Name: guest1
    Password: Aa.12345
    User Name: guest2
    Password: Aa.12345
    User Name: guest3
    Password: Aa.12345

    Frankie “Durianman” Kam
    Melaka, Malaysia


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