My guess is that the majority of Moodlers this term are falling into two camps: previous users setting up existing courses for the term who have some great experience and anecdotal evidence of what works, what doesn’t and perhaps a laundry list of new stuff to try this year, the other camp is users new to Moodle and just starting out who have had some opportunity to learn the ins and outs but now need to apply that online.

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For the veterans:

  • If you know members of the latter group consider putting yourself out there as a resource early in the school year to provide some assistance, good ideas and basic setup help.
  • For your own Moodle, get familiar with the “reset” function which will let you start fresh
  • If you’re school had an upgrade to 2.0 [video], 2.1, 2.2 or even 2.3, get familiar with each of the versions new tool sets (a lot has changed since 1.9)

For the newbies:

  • If you have a colleague teaching a similar course who also uses Moodle, their course template is often the best place to start as you build your own course version (that way you’ll see familiar resources and get to see a production ready course that could be re-used and edited/expanded).
  • If you don’t have such a resource, consider using some content created by the community available through the Mooch or another source.
  • If you can’t do either, seek out the IT department or any of the regular Moodle sessions that your school or district is organizing.  If not training/professional development is available seek help online at the community, Moodlemayhem email list serve or just Google “getting started with Moodle” and sort by regular results or videos to see what’s what.
  • If budget allows consider getting some Moodle training from one of these great sources (or another that you find online/locally):

For both camps, good luck this school year!

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