One of the best ways to learn more about Moodle it to hear from practitioners and veterans who are doing really cool stuff.  I cut my teeth on showcasing Moodle to teachers in Vermont, California and Pennsylvania at non-Moodle events (when Moodle was first being introduced to the audience) but those were nothing compared to the fun I had at my first Moot where all presentations and all conversations focused on Moodle’s storied past, present and future.

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I got a lot of value out of every session and can’t wait to attend my next Moot.  If you’re picking up or continuing using Moodle this year you should do at least one thing: Attend a Moodle event such as a Moot or MUG or Meetup.  It will be the highlight of your Moodle-themed year. has a great list of Moots:

You can also check out the Moodlenews events page:

Here is a list of all of the country based Moots (compiled by Helen Foster at through the end of 2012:

Alternatively, start your own regular event by hosting a Meetup or Moodle User Group at your school district or offices.  It’s a great way to engage other Moodlers, swap stories, tips, tricks and to learn new things (not to mention networking with people who can be great resources.

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