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I would like to know if there is any method of exporting the grades and info about one student, so I could send to it’s company.

It would be a report of his lessons and when was the last time he got in to the course, and that kind of stuff.

I often provide a detailed report and spot check of student progress for one of the clients I work with.  There are a few methods and tools within Moodle (and as 3rd party plugins) that can be utilized to isolate one students activities (logs, logins, views, grades all including time/date data).  It maybe a multifaceted approach to get all of the information you’re seeking.

  1. You can’t underestimate the power of the course reports tool.  This will let you drill down to an individual student (or the whole course) in any period of time to view their logs, statistics or activity reports.  It provides a snap shot of all activity within a single course.  It’s helpful if your student has a minimum of enrolments.  In Moodle 1.9 course reports can be accessed by entering the course then selecting “Reports” from the course admin settings.  In 2.x they are accessible through the navigation block (just expand for the course you wish to look at).  More about the course reports for logs can be found here:
  2. Grades: export a single student’s grades easily using the gradebook.  Just enter the gradebook, then select “User Report” from the drop down and select any individual student from the next available drop down.  Read more about the user report here:
  3. Certificate Module: If you’re looking for a self-service way to do this, providing an end of course certificate might be a way to let users provide their own proof of completion to a 3rd party.  The Certificate Module is available or Moodle 1.9 and 2.x and can be setup as a conditional activity (its availability triggered only after specific criteria are met).  Find the Certificate Module here:
  4. ELIS: on other possibility which might be worth looking into is ELIS which can provide a much more detailed course completion and outcomes management reporting tool (pulling data from across your site in regards to all courses enrolled).  ELIS is a much more powerful and complicated tool for providing user reports but might be worth checking out if you’re in need of something you can setup to provide ongoing access to specific metrics for any students.  Read more about its outcomes management tools here:  Find it available in the Mod Database at here:
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