2011 was a huge year for Moodle and for Moodlenews.  Here’s a peek at our analytics for the last 12 months (as tracked by Google):

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Posts in 2011: 558
  • Total visits: 247,000
  • Total uniques: 156,894
  • Pageviews: 868,190
  • Average time on site: 2:41
  • Total countries: 199.  The largest visitor populations (from highest to lowest) are from the US (31% of traffic), UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, India, Germany, Brazil, France and Portugal
  • Sponsors: 4 (WizIQ, WIRIS, Webanywhere, and HostBBB.com) to who I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude and who pay for the hosting of this blog, Moodle books, and the occasional carry-out.

Here’s to a wonderful 2011 and a prosperous 2012!

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