Hanging motivational posters around the office or school to jazz things up?  Well why not Moodivational posters?

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There are a few great Moodle posters ‘hanging’ around the web which might be worth getting printed up and distributed to your local IT office or Moodle Administrator’s hangout.  Think of the posters as a passive reminder that teachers might be doing more with Moodle.

  1. the most popular recent poster is the Moodle Tool Guide which is now available in 12 languages.  Get the tool guide poster from Joyce Seitzinger‘s site: http://www.cats-pyjamas.net/moodle-tool-guide/
  2. this is one of my favorites: “Keep Calm and Moodle On” available at the School Moot site: http://school.moodlemoot.com.au/?p=282
  3. three posters from Sukhwant Lota: “How Moodle courses Work“;
  4. 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Moodle 2“; and
  5. What Teachers do & what Student’s want
  6. 5 Moodle Myths poster: http://lmspulse.com/2010/5-moodle-myths-a-poster-to-shareedit/
  7. Moodle Do’s and Don’tshttp://lmspulse.com/2010/moodle-dos-and-donts-redux/


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