5 things BB should do immediately with Moodle

  1. Make Blackboard’s hosting service platform neutral: It doesn’t matter what software customers are using as long as they remain customers.  Give them.  If they want Moodle + joule? $X per user.  If they want Bb Learn 9.1 with custom theme support and SafeAssign? $Y per user.  Angel at $Z, ad infinitum.  Throw Canvas in there too (why not? they are open source).  Educational institutions will migrate to the best possible solutions to fit its needs.  The key is providing current and potential clients total freedom to move around within Blackboard’s solutions.  A customer with options is a happy customer.
  2. Improve the Core UI: Invest what you learned from “Ocho” into a major effort to improve the Core UI (joule has some goodies but there are plenty [my Favorites] of great [Sussex] examples [Leeds])
  3. Add Moodle developers:  You have developers dedicated to Learn, Moodle should have just as many (if not more).
  4. Eat the dog food:  Coursesites is nice. Can’t wait for a Moodle version.
  5. Make Moodle a major part of Bb World: I’ve heard through the grapevine that Blackboard is hesitant to join supporting Moodle Moots (which is too bad in my opinion); if that’s the case Bb World is a great venue for promoting Moodle in the Blackboard flavor.

What else should they do?  Chime in using the comments.

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Please note: Moodle was not purchased by Blackboard, Blackboard has purchased two authorized Moodle Partners which are permitted to sell Moodle-related services and products using the Moodle service mark.  The Moodle Trust is an independent organization which governs the use of Moodle source code, the partner network and acts as the funding arm of Moodle Head Quarters in Perth and online at Moodle.org.  

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