Where’s the Oldest Continuously Running Moodle?

Moodle.org in 2004

I know that Moodle.org has been a Moodle site since Moodle’s community was started, but I’m curious where the other “old” Moodles are?  What schools as early adopters are still going strong and raising/upgrading their Moodles for the 5 or even coming up on 10 years?

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS


Here’s a quick survey to try to find the oldest continuously running Moodle. Thanks in advance for sharing this info!


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  1. I ran on my laptop for a while then moved over to a G3, than a G4, then moved it outside the firewall after a couple of years. The start was sometime in 2002 I suppose, but I honestly don’t remember anything besides 2001 in terms of monumental events.

    So simple a caveman can do it. <– too bad it's already taken.


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