Watch a Presentation highlighting Poodle for Moodle (Offline Portable Moodle)


Poodle for Moodle (Portable Moodle) is a desktop client which lets you host your own Moodle site right on your Windows computer.  It’s very easy to setup and easy to use (I’ve personally used it to play around with themes and to install new modules…it’s a snap to use).  The product is created by Mission Aviation Fellowship Learning Technologies ( who’s two representatives gave a presentation on the use and history of Poodle to the CEET group out of British Columbia, Canada (the presentation took place in September 2010).

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It’s interesting to see how the developers of the product intended Poodle for use, the presentation highlights Poodle’s use in Africa and other non-networked locations which helps to provide really easy USB-driven presentations and engagement of course materials.  Most simply, Poodle is a way to get learning content and materials to offline learners.

Click to watch the presentation

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  1. We have a portable version of Moodle
    71.8 MB compressed and occupies 231Mb once unpacked to USB.
    Besides the standard modules, this version has implemented several modules of nature as teacher:

    * Jclic
    * Virtual Notebooks
    * GeoGebra: Editor mathematical activities
    * Jmol: Viewer molecules in 3D
    * LaTeX Editor of mathematical symbols and formulas
    * LightBox Gallery

    You can access the Estoig Digital box and download the package to decompress arouse a portable USB to work

    Estoig Digital


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