Tweaking Marginalia for better visual cues and feedback


Tweak the look-and-feel of Marginalia and you get a whole new visual experience.

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Ever since my last post on Marginalia on Moodlenews, I’d been thinking about how to adjust the colour to suit (1) my Moodle theme; and (2) my own taste. I thought to myself, “Why not show the grammar mistakes in red, and the corrections is green?”. Plus I really liked the red-bordered effect of the Marginalia demo.

Lately, I’ve managed to tweak and improve the colour scheme – at least for myself. For example, with due respect to Geoffrey Glass, whom I think did a great job with the block, I felt that the yellow highlighting in the default code was a bit too bright and slightly gaudy looking. So I changed the corrected text to be shaded instead as a rose-coloured highlight. How did I do it? Well, open up /blocks/marginalia/marginalia/marginalia.css and look for the code at line 7:

.hentry .entry-content em.annotation {
background: #fdf377;
font-style: inherit;

Change the hexadecimal colour code from #fdf377 (bright yellow) to #FFDFDF (rose) to achieve a different coloured highlight!

Read more at my blog.


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