Gavin Henrick has pulled together 3 (three) top 10 lists for why to move from Moodle 1.9 to 2.0.  The three presentations are available at his blog and the each already has a voice over presentation video available on Youtube.  Each presentation highlights another set of new/changed Moodle features and discusses (quickly) how they impact the online classroom.  From blocks to repositories to comments to mobile apps…many of the cool new tools are covered and highlighted.

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10 reasons to move to Moodle 2

10 reasons to move to Moodle 2 Part 2

10 reasons to move to Moodle 2 Part 3

If you’ve been curious why you might/should make the transition from an older Moodle model to the newest these are some great resources to check out.  You can also join in a little community discussion by posting your top modules to the comments at Gavin’s post:  In any event, you should DEFINITELY subscribe to Gavin’s blog (  This great resource provides loads of reviews of Moodle modules and plugins and is a wealth of knowledge if you’re looking for a little bit of information on the new 3rd party integrations and tools available for Moodle 2.0.

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