TimeStat: track student presence in your Moodle by the second


TimeStat is a cool module that Frankie Kam suggested we give a go.  The module tallies and reports total seconds and minutes that students have been in a course. It’s great for tracking overall usage and gives a little better information than just click tallies and page views.

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While the installation process was a little more involved than just installing a block the readme file was clear and concise:

1. Copy files ‘ajax_connection.js’, ‘timestatlib.php’, ‘timestatscript.js’ to folder ‘/moodle/lib’

2. Add one line of code in file weblib.php:


so it should look like:

function print_footer($course=NULL, $usercourse=NULL, $return=false) {
           global $USER, $CFG, $THEME, $COURSE;

3. Folder ‘timestat’ contains Moodle block which is installed in standard way.

The hardest part is navigating/editing the weblib.php, heres a screenshot of what it looked like after I added the necessary line of code:

Once the block and other files are installed, just open your Moodle as Admin and click notifications to have the block installed properly.  Now that it’s available, add the block to any course

and instantly you have an easy way to track student usage in seconds and minutes.  Pretty handy!

You can even track by individual resource/activity.

For more information or to download the plugin/addon visit http://moodle.org/mod/data/view.php?d=13&rid=4200.

Timestat was added to the Moodle.org Plugin Repository by Łukasz Sanokowski.