This year’s #iMoot theme: Why “New Directions”?


Here’s a quick look at this year’s iMoot theme which is New Directions (last year seemed to be a toss up between “uniting the global community” and Moodle TLC: Teaching, Learning, Connecting).

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This year’s theme, according to the site [link], is:

focused on the changes from past to present and looking to the future not just within the Moodle framework but within the delivery of online education (both blended and wholly online) by practitioners.

While Moodle 2 has brought a considerable shift in how the online delivery of education can occur through the introduction of a range of new tools and functions, the conference is not wholly focused on this agenda. Faster internet, mobile access, increased reliability and a better understanding by facilitators of the web’s capabilities are constantly changing the methodologies with which we teach and assess online. It is these “new directions” on which we are focused.

Read more and register by visiting or follow @imootonline for more timely updates and information.

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