The Real Time Collaboration Text Editor (just like Google Docs) for Moodle!


Here’s a super cool module released to the Moodle community by Juan Levya.  It’s a real-time collaborative text editor which you can add as an activity to your classroom.  It works just as described at it’s repository page and takes just a second to install by unzipping the package to Mod/Assignment/Type (then just edit the name):

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Once you’ve run notifications as Admin the activity is now available in all classrooms.

Setup is very easy with just a few fields of information to fill out (including the standard release date options and group settings):

Once setup students can jump on the site and in real-time see what their classmates are editing.  Very cool.  Check out a screencast of me using it on two screens side by side.  Note also that the course facilitator can then “replay” the typing that students did,

Teachers can review theirs students job, for every student the total account of chars added or deleted by him in the text is displayed in the submissions view of the assignment.

Direct link to video: