#iMoot Speaker Spotlight: The Course Creation CHALLENGE Panel


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For Participants/Attendees only (but there’s still time to sign up to win free registration, do it now!) on Saturday during the iMoot there is a panel which will “wrestle with the question ‘What makes a great Moodle course?'”

But this isn’t a regular discussion, this is the midway point of a competition to create the best possible Moodle course focused on climate change.  The competition is for iMoot attendees only and is a venue to show off your Moodle prowess and development skills over a short 4 day course creation blitz.  Team up, go solo, or remix a course to show off your command of Moodle 2.0, course design and sound pedagogy.

The panel of judges (also the panel discussing “great Moodle courses” design) includes Mary Cooch, Tomaz Lasic, Julian Ridden, Michelle Moore, Joyce Seitzinger, and Gavin Henrick.

If you’re signed up for the iMoot you can access the Course Creation Challenge at this link: http://2011.imoot.org/course/view.php?id=128.  If you’re going to build a course don’t delay the contest has already started and you could be the world champion Moodle course creator (that’s a made up title; but you can win some books and a free registration to next year’s Moot).

So…what are you waiting for?