Rubrics in 2.2 as highlighted by @Moodlefairy


Here’s a great video by Mary Cooch that highlights one of the new features in Moodle 2.2: the creation and use of Rubrics for assignments.  Rubrics provide a granular grading approach and enables writing/composition teachers to grade on various criteria within a single assignment (no need for multiple gradebook entries per paper).  This is a huge value-add to the Moodle grade center.

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For some excellent documentation on the Rubrics and advanced grading features check out the docs:

Watch the full video here:

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  1. Thanks Joe for this great preview, and Mary for her very helpful video, of one of the most fundamentally important and long-awaited features of Moodle. This has been talked about for years, starting way back in 2005. Now it is here and I am thoroughly impressed. Thanks to the programmers for getting a very good interface.

    Although it is built for a legacy input method (mouse), I can see how it will be easily ported to a gesture-based tablet format–and perhaps I will work on an iPad app between now and April–the start of the Japanese school year.

    It seems to be also missing self and peer assessment options, which is understandable. One might expect a first iteration to not have every feature. Teachers know that student self-evaluation is multiple times more effective than teacher evaluation. For those of you who followed the old Project Module in Moodle 1.6-1.8, we were able to successfully introduce self and peer assessment for evaluating single file submissions. We also engineered a way to produce a configurable formula to combine teacher/peer/self grading into one final grade. I think this is needed in Rubrics 2.2 as well.

    Finally, paper printouts have such a powerful on students’ motivation when it comes to grades and evaluation. Easy printing of grading results on A4 paper is a must-needed addition for future releases.


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