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MootUK11’s video archive from this year is a great collection of resources and videos that highlight some of the most cutting edge Moodle use/practices from around the UK (and world).  Today I got to watch Ross MacKenzie’s presentation in which he highlights Open University‘s move to Moodle 2.0.

Ross highlights a lot of great information about their transition and what’s happened at the OU in order to migrate.  A few takeaways:

  • Many challenges in moving from 1.9 to 2.0
  • Loads of users and lots of usage on a daily/monthly basis (1.5 million “transactions” daily).  100% growth year over year.  The discussion forums is 1.9 is the most used feature (500,000 posts in February 2010).  Heavy traffic occurs all year long.
  • OU has built many modules which are available on in the module and plugin repository, these will be moved to Moodle 2.0 and OU is also providing a total recreation of the quiz/question engine (which was first developed by OU and used on their own 1.9 installation)
  • working on Google Apps integration
  • adding personalization and organization to learning tools
  • working to integrate more mobile usability (mobile use is increasing rapidly)…there are some really keen insights here especially regarding optimization of the browser vs creating/releasing Apps.

The OU has really created a huge Moodle installation and is working a 12 month transition period for moving courses 1 by 1 as they finish on 1.9 and re-commence at 2.0 later.  It’s a pretty interesting transition plan which might be of interest to those institutions who are staff-lean or consistently high-usage.

Check out Ross’s presentation for more about their installation, transition, customization and new features at  You can also check out his slides embedded below or here:

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