Responsive Design: Mobile Development Considerations for Moodle


Stuart Lamour has a really interesting post about Moodle Mobile apps vs. responsive design at the eLearning Team Blog for University of Sussex.  In the video that accompanies his overview of best practices in design and the future of mobile development he highlights how Moodle might be factored for Mobile viewing right out of the box (or theme rather) instead of forcing a download or enabling a Moodle mobile app.  There are some good points and some great design tips if you’re looking to change your Moodle theme and to incorporate some usability features for mobile users.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

There’s no doubt that mobile usage of sites will continue to grow in the future, aside from considerations of usability with the site there will be a growing importance of managing and upgrading content to run on mobile handsets as Flash and other products simply won’t work and will disrupt anytime/anywhere learning that students are used to.  You can check out the video that Stuart made below which shows off their cool (and flexible) UofS site; you should definitely check out the full post though:

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  1. Hi!

    I so impressed with your work with moodle!! Actually I’m try make a Responsive Theme on Moodle, but the main question is? What is the best framework or template for start with the responsive theme, I’m Peruvian, and in this country not still using moodle like you. To 100% potential

    Do you work with HTML5 properties? Using JavaScript for all effects and functionality?

    Congrats for your work! I can wait for you response!!!




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