Here’s a new resource that was shared with me recently.  It’s Moodle Quiz Mobile and you can see the teaser presentation below (or at this link:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The Moodle Quiz Mobile app was created by Yulia Ivanova and her team who also created the Moodle XML Converter (available at

As you can see presented in the short slide show, Moodle Quiz Mobile is a Mobile-only way for users to login to a Moodle site and retrieve/access only HTML pages and quizzes.  A very specific, functional app for your web-enabled Mobile phone/device, the site helps you login to any Moodle and access the quizzes and pages you need.  Check out the screenshots below for a demo (done via browser, not phone).

Very simple layout and really easy to use.  Give it a go today!

If you’re not interested in trying it out on your own Moodle,

  1. first go to
  2. enter

    (the www is required) as the Moodle you want

  3. use student/student as login credentials
  4. once logged in click on the Internet Safety demo course for a few quizzes.


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