QuickStructure released for Moodle 2


If you’re looking for yet another way to jazz up your site, you might want to check out the QuickStructure block for Moodle 1.9 and 2.x released by Dr. Checkers (Iain Checkland) a Moodle developer in Hong Kong.

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The original release of QuickStructure occurred this past July and the code was recently ported to Moodle 2.  QuickStructure allows you to add an easy custom navigation to your site and to customize topic headers with images and colors independent of your theme.

I had a chance to check it out on my own site and it works as described…but for the absolute best view of it in action Iain’s original video of the 1.9 release is best:

Note that QuickStructure does require some custom Lib files to be added to your server in addition to the Block.  The most technical step is also patching the Formlib.php file on your server (which I did not do).  Without that customization you cannot customize label text color or background color (the default is white text on a royal/navy blue background).

Learn more and download the mod at https://github.com/drcheckers/moodle-block_quickstructure

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  1. Thanks Joseph for featuring the quickstructure block.

    A couple of notes:

    No need to patch formlib.lib.php any more – I’ve just released a version simplifying the install [the block handles the registration of the form element – can’t think why I didn’t think of that before]

    There is no version for 1.9 – the 1.9 video shows an ‘unpure’ moodle install – I’m busy updating lots of stuff for Moodle 2.0 that works nicely with a standard moodle 2 image.


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