Included in the release notes for 2.1 is information about Moodle HQ’s official Mobile app.  You can get a sneak peek at some screen shots in the Tracker: and I think you will NOT be disappointed.  Looks amazing thanks to the guidance of Martin Dougiamas and skills of Julian Ridden (among others).

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For more information about the pending release of Moodle 2.1 and the Mobile Moodle App visit:


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  1. I think Mobile Moodle will begin changing how Moodle is used, modules that are developed and the content that gets put on a Moodle course..pretty cool, I’m excited.

  2. Why don’t we have this on Android ?

    Android should have been first according to Moodle’s Open source Philosophy ?

    Besides there are tons of very good Android tablets out there check out the Gtablet with Vegan.

    Nice that it’s on Apple but many of us who never drank Job’s coolaid are never going go with Apple for a variety of reasons. Not the smallest being Apples proprietary tendencies and closed approach to doing things.

  3. John, it’s a great question. I would say that the release of any official Moodle app is a step in the right direction. I can’t wait until it’s available on Android too (for one, without an iphone I can’t test it–except in a browser–when it’s released…I don’t own any iOS devices either). I think (hope) we’ll get there soon.

  4. I agree with John, iOS as the first platform seems like a strange plan. Especially as the iOS app is unlikely to be open source, in that Apple doesnt allow GPL code in the AppStore.

    Suspect the other versions will be, Android and alike, but will the iOS require some kind of payment to to release the source. Or purchase of some kind of license to get hand on the source?

    Specifically I’m thinking that many institutions will want to ‘brand’ the app and extend the app for there own purposes.

  5. I suspect the belief is, accurately or otherwise, that iOS has a healthier application ecosystem, and is easier to launch a new app on.

    The development pages for the app ( ) suggest an Android version is on its way, anyway. I’d like to see if we can bid for the conversion job (which is to say, I’d like an excuse to experiment with Android), but there doesn’t appear to be any indication of when that will be available, what the bidding process, and I suspect work have other plans for my time anyway.

  6. I agree with Ross. Now just out of curiosity, is this going to act like the WordPress iOS mobile app that allows for you to have multiple accounts (sites)? I know that this will probably require XMLRPC to work as well.

  7. Jason, great question which I do not know the answer to. I use the WP app all the time and the ability to tap into different sites is clutch. There are a few Mobile apps for Moodle that already have that function baked in.


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