Opinion: Why I’m still using 1.9


It’s ironic that someone running a Moodle blog does so little work on 2.0.  I can’t bring myself to start using it more than just testing out a few features.  Mostly because my means and expertise in managing servers and installing software at that level is limited; but also because I’m not sold that 2.0 offers a better environment for the courses for which I use/administer/sell from Moodle 1.9.

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When I started working with Moodle as part of Moodlenews, it was in part due to the fact that Moodle is widely available through cPanel administration and it’s a breeze (like WordPress) to install and configure to a URL.  I was able to hook up my own LMS and tinker with the files via FTP and online file management without restrictions.  And this is where I think Moodle has other LMSs beat, hands down.  A new Moodler can be up and running with the same skill set that it takes to create a blog: and this is a HUGE advantage in the marketplace of LMSs.

Updated: Unfortunately Moodle 2.0 isn’t yet available through an easy cPanel installer for Bluehost (my host of choice).   Until it is,While it is available through the panel (a recent addition that I missed until a commenter pointed it out), I probably won’t take a bigger dip into the product and will live vicariously through the demonstration videos and will test it out with Admin through student/guest roles on sites where I can get superficial access to the front end (check out the hosting page for those free Moodle 2.0 sites where you can check it out too: Moodlenews.com/hosting).  It’s availability means I have a greater ability to test it, but probably will not put it into a production mode for any sites I work with in the short term.

In my opinion, Moodle 1.9 is such a great piece of software because I can access it through the server AND front end and have a more intimate understanding of what changes on the server side affect on the front end (uploading files, modifying HTML/CSS, themes, mod files, extensions, etc.).  I’ll admit, I’m both a little scared of and anxious to play with Moodle 2.0; but I’m wary of the time commitment I’ll need to make and learning curve I’ll have to hike.  The community surrounding 1.9 is still strong and robust; and any new Moodlers eager to start using the software I would advise to start using 1.9 instead of jumping to 2.0 (until the tutorials, ease of use issues, and documentation have been further fleshed out).  Once I’ve gotten a good handle of it myself 1.9 is my Moodle of choice.

Does it make me a Luddite if the “old” software still works just fine?