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If you haven’t yet checked out all the goodies in our Mobile Moodle Matrix, check it out here:  But that’s not all there is, there’s a new Mobile Moodle app on the block which beat out the release of the official mobile Moodle app for Android: Droodle (I believe a mashup of Moodle and Droid).  According to the site (,

Droodle is an Android client for the Moodle 2.1 platform. With Droodle users can view all of their subjects and assignments as stored within their school’s moodle. Users can also easily create calendar tasks for individual assignments. However, Droodle is not guaranteed to support all moodles.

The app was created/released by Richard Tiutiun and features a nice polished look which focuses on providing direct access to a users courses, activities, assignments, etc.  Similar to myMoodle.

Get the official Moodle app for iOS and watch out for the official Android Moodle app which should be released soon/in early 2012 [link].

Don’t forget to stay-tuned for more #Moodlemas.

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