Martin Dougiamas (@moodler) and Tomaz Lasic (@lasic) hosted a quick demo and call to action for the Mt. Orange School demo site right before Christmas.  As a follow up Tomaz has provided the presentation recording in Elluminate, his slide notes and the full presentation from that day

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See a link to each below:

The presentation focused on providing an overview of what was currently possible with the Mt. Orange School, Moodle’s new demonstration site where you can get a feel for what’s possible with Moodle 2.0 and well trained teaching staff.  In additional Tomaz explained that the school site in its entirety is available for download so that users can dive in deeper and play with the settings and features without affecting the live site or causing undue administration.

The presentation recording is about 1 hour and the Google Docs presentation has a wealth of information included in it’s speakers notes.  Be sure to check out both if you’re considering Moodle 2.0 this year.

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