NLN is a collection of learning objectives and resources available on the web which are now maintained by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) and were created with funding from the UK’s Skills Funding Agency.  According to the site,

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The NLN Materials are small, flexible ‘bite-sized’ episodes of learning. They are not whole courses but are designed to support a wide range of subject and topic areas. The materials adopt a range of approaches involving some knowledge acquisition, a chance to practice and absorb, and some form of assessment to check that the learning has been understood and the learning outcome(s) achieved.

The materials give learners things to do and a chance to think for themselves. They are designed to be fun. Learners can make mistakes but can try again. There is plenty of in-built help if they get stuck and opportunities to go back and revise. Many of the materials include games or quizzes. Accessibility options are available on many of the materials to suit learners’ individual needs. The materials are also designed to appeal to the different learning styles of students.

As a bonus, there’s a Moodle resource integration which you can add to make it very easy to add these resources to a Moodle classroom.  A free resource repository!  Add the Noodle module like any other resource to your “/mod/resource/type/” folder on your Moodle by creating a new folder “nln” and extracting the folder into it.  Then add a few lines of code to the Lang file for resources and you’ll be set!  It’s that easy.

Grab the module files and read more about NLN at  To view the repository and see what you can add visit:

Adding a new nln resource is very simple, once installed, this is the basic process:

1. Choose to add the NLN resource

2. Add a title and description (the title will be replaced with the title of the LO you choose)

3. Browse the repository of resources

4. Make a selection et voila!

Hat tip to for first showing this cool resource.

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  1. Hi Joseph! A fantastic post. Installed ok, but there could be a bug with Moodle or my site’s setup or with NLN itself. I initially set the resource to open within the same window as Moodle. Ended up with NLN menu items that didn’t display. Then I changed the settings so that the resource would open in a new windows. Aha! Now it works and the NLN resource displays properly. Using Firefox. This module and the GREAT work by the Noodlers (is there such a term!?) makes Moodle so much better! Wow. Wow. Wow.

  2. Read that Noodle is “now defunct
    and no longer developing [still available]” on MoodleMayhem. Okay so I assume no one is updating or adding Learning Objects to the repository. Still, it is a large repository and a great time-saver for teachers who have no time to add LOs to their Moodle courses.


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