News Flash: Official Moodle App Moodle 2 is coming July 2011


Just caught this on the official Mobile page in the Moodle Development Docs:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Moodle app 1.0

Requires Moodle 2.1 (released 1st July 2011).

Click here to read more and view wire frame images of what the app might look like.

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  1. While most people are moving away from proprietary platform specific apps its interesting to see moodle HQ starting to develop them! and no mention of ??

    I’m saddened to see under HTML5 “requires huge core changes to Moodle”, but glad to see some wireframes which hopefully they will be testing with users before doing any actual development.

    Good spot!
    Stuart Lamour

  2. Hi Martin,

    agreed – it would be great to get John’s work into the core – i also notice elements of html5boilerplate in the moodle2 code and would be keen for moodle to utilise parts of too.

    The cons of using html5 on are listed as –

    Difficult to develop properly
    Requires huge core changes to Moodle
    HTML5 still doesn’t have the full performance/features of native apps

    Google I/O had some fun stuff about this –

    For us the mobile experience really has to be html5 based – including new js elements.

    With the rapid update rates of mobiles/tablets and their browsers i really believe moodle needs to embrace this. I’d say those core changes to support html5 are essential. I also believe the moodle community and html5 community are good enough to make it not so difficult to develop moodle in html5 properly – in comparison to hiring developers, and having to re-hire them every time apple, blackberry or android carriers change the goal posts – why not hire an html5 developer?

    Off to download the jqueryui mobile theme and plug it into our moodle2 sandbox 🙂

    Stuart Lamour

  3. Thanks Stuart,

    I think HTML5 is definitely the future, but I just don’t think HTML5 can yet do some of the simple things we want to do with a Moodle app. Gmail is HTML5, yet I still can’t attach an simple photo to an email (for example). It’ll improve and we’ll no doubt be getting into it when we have a better idea of what a HTML5 implementation should look like.

    In the meantime we can rapidly prototype (and have the community start testing) some things using the app development tools, which are much more mature.
    This is also useful for us to extend/test the web services infrastructure in 2.0.

  4. Hi Martin,

    I think you have identified a main concern for all of us open source developers in the moodle community.

    If Gmail was open source and you had added some features to your version, you’d want the features to be available to all your users – including those on mobile devices.

    When you are using a ‘one size fits all’ app the features you add to your own open source code are simply not there in the official app. Is this the case with the moodle apps you are building, or am i missing something?

    Taking your example – Gmail on a PC is indeed a rich HTML5, JS and CSS3 experience, but the mobile browser interface on your (i presume) iPhone is very limited – the source code for webkit iPhone Gmail actually contains no HTML5, but there you go!. Giving mobile users an impoverished experience is exactly what modern web development techniques enable us to avoid, and it would be great to be able to do this with moodle.

    Stuart Lamour

    p.s. input type file isn’t currently supported in iOS. At the moment iOS has no concept of a file at the UI level, but there are a number of apps people use to access the SDK via the browser with JS. Check out the for some nice documentation – not the only one, but a good place to start.


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