News Flash: KeytoSchool’s free Moodle hosting shuttered


A quick notification from Jai Gupta, KeytoSchool‘s spokesman, announced today that registration and new site creation at KeytoSchool’s free Moodle hosting has been shuttered effective immediately.

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More bad news for KeytoSchool users is that the free hosting service will be discontinued completely on January 1st.  From the announcement,

It has been decided that we will move our system from US datacenter to our newly built in-house datacenter in Delhi, India. This move will allow us to add a lot more power and stability to Asian customers will see improvement in latency, latency will increase for US customers but improved performance will compensate it.

We will plan our new architecture to allow us to host a lot more Moodle sites, as we plan and build new system it will take time. We may start again around March 2012.

From today, we will stop new registrations and from January 1, 2012 all Moodle sites will stop working. It is recommended that users of move to some other hosting providers or move to

If you’re currently using free Moodle hosting through KeytoSchool it’s time to find a replacement, for free hosting options you might consider checking out