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A few months ago Netspot (Official Moodle Partner in Australia) announced the availability of $200,000 AUD to support elearning/Moodle in tertiary institutions in the country (check out the original Moodlenews post).  As long as certain eligibility criteria are met, applicants are eligible for grants of 10,000 to 50,000 AUD.

According to the fund’s official page,

NetSpot Innovation Fund has been set up to provide longevity and a viable distribution and support model for emerging eLearning innovations which have demonstrated relevance and acceptance within the Tertiary Education sector.

In recent years, various funding sources have stimulated the creation of many innovative services or products in the eLearning space. In the university setting, most funding for these eLearning initiatives is project based and in the vast majority of cases, innovations are not sustained when the funding is removed. There are clear benefits to framing these activities within existing systems such as Moodle which can provide a degree of commercial scaffolding such as product distribution, professional services and ongoing development frameworks.

To learn more go to


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  1. Too bad it only applies to Aussie companies/entities. I could do with some help on funding my “web host company” hosted Virtual Private Server (where my Moodle system lives) which costs me RM990 = USD317.26 per year to maintain.
    Frankie Kam

  2. keep your eyes out for other international projects and grant programs that might help you out (the Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate one was a good example)


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