Here’s news on my latest work on the MP3 Quickie.

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MP3 Quickie is a modification of the GUI of Vimas Technology’s MP3 Recorder demo version. To get the full version applet that allows audio recordings of more than the 20-seconds limit of the demo, click here.

MP3 Quickie now incorporates an upload MP3 files button and two selection lists. One selection list is unsorted to show the MP3 files stored on the server in chronological order – it functions as a MP3 playback list. The other selection list is alphabetically sorted for easy single downloading of MP3 filenames. MP3 Quickie now stands at Version 1.7 as of 16th September 2011.



This feature was achieved with version 1.5. At the moment, you can only download MP3 files one at a time.

 Figure 1: The download list allows you to download one MP3 at a time.

In earlier development phases, I was able to do multiple selections on the selection list and pass multiple filenames to the download.php file, but alas, only one file was downloaded each time. So we will have to live with single downloads until and unless I can figure out how to do multiple downloads or even download all stored MP3s as a single zipped file.


There are TWO ways to implement the upload button on my site (I’ve included both inside the coding of record_app_mp3_JS.php).

(a) CuteSoft Components Inc. has PHPFileUploader. It has a simple upload button with an impressive looking progress bar. It comes with a 30-day evaluation demo, while the full domain version costs USD99.00.

 Figure 2: The interface of MP3 Quickie with phpFlashUploader utility.

Notice the clean and simple design of the Upload button? The upload feature will disable after 30 days if unactivated by a purchase.

Features of the phpFlashUploader include (from the developer’s webpage):

  • Select multiple files at once when sending
  • Client side validation of the file size/type before uploading
  • Provides rich progress and status information during the upload
  • Powerful approaches to uploading files without refreshing the page
  • Asynchronous file upload in the background
  • The code was very easy to insert into my record_app_mp3_JS.php file.

 Figure 3: Inserted code of phpFlashUploader.

 (b) Michael Verner of Verner Web Studio has a In-A-Flash file uploader with progress bar. It is easy to install, but comes with a logo embedded inside a swf file. Cost is USD0.00 (free).

Options include (from Verner’s website):

  • Customizable colors
  • 2 styles to choose from: bar or text
  • Free PHP and Python scripts to get you started
  • Shows file upload progress
  • Multiple file upload capable
  • Restrict file types
  • Javascript integration – call a javascript function after file upload
  • …plus many other customizable options!

 Figure 4: The interface of MP3 Quickie with In-A-Flash upload utility.

The design of the upload section is relatively more cluttered. But it’s FREE! For customisation jobs you may contact Michael from here.

 Figure 5: Inserted code of In-A-Flash uploader.

If you know of any other FREE Php file uploader that is EASIER to install than In-A-Flash-Uploader, please let me know! I can’t find any other that beats this Php file installer in the ease-of-setup department.

 Figure 6: Sub-folder structure inside my recorder folder. Provided here for those of you who might want to install the uploaders on your own production site!

My personal choice of uploaders?

GUI-wise, I prefer phpFileUploader. Its Upload button is simple and non-obtrusive. It comes with a fully-functioning demo that expires after 30 days. You will need to purchase a USD99 activation key for a domain. This will allow you to rebrand the upload button.

Cost-wise, I prefer In-A-Flash. It does what I want it to do which is allow multiple uploads. The “downside” is that In-A-Flash has “heavy-on-the-eye” upload link which takes up a lot of vertical real-estate on the website. After all, it is free.

You can try out one of the upload methods on my MP3 Quickie at At the moment, phpFileUploader is activated, while In-A-Flash uploader has been commented out inside the file record_app_mp3_JS.php. Look around line 386 of the file.

To demo the system, go here:

Username: student

Password: moodle

If you are interested in MP3 Quickie, please do leave a voice message on the system. I would love to hear from you and what you think about MP3 Quickie.

For more screenshots, installation zip file and information, read more on my blog here.

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