Move2Moo is a new service which has partnered with Lambda Solutions to provide course content migration services to institutions and companies adopting/migrating to Moodle from another LMS.  They currently offer a demo site where you can also test a conversion of a single course (right now Blackboard Vista/CE, WebCT are supported).  The service is paid, though no pricing is listed on their site.  If you’ve a large (or small) institutions making the switch and you fit the criteria, this might be a great way to save some time and effort.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Unfortunately I do not have a WebCT/BB Vista backup file to test out with their converter, but if anyone does and can please post your experience in the comments.

Other services (data retention, bulk course creation) are also available.  Contact them today for more information:


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  1. I recommend for automated Blackboard 5, 6.3, and 9 conversions to Moodle 1.9 archives compatible with Moodle 2.1.

    One python script will log into your blackboard instance, archive all courses, and download the archives. A second script converts all archives to their Moodle equivalents.

  2. Robert, seems pretty interesting. I think a lot of lower level users might get turned off by the command line control of the tool… in your experience it worked as advertised? Any issues with the end product?

  3. Will it be possible to data and content migrate from SumTotal LMS to Moodle LMS?

    Looking forward for your kind reply.



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