@Moodleshare gives away a sweet English Composition course


This secondary or beyond level English Composition course was developed by Jon Fila through a funding grant in Minnesota.  The course is intended for hybrid delivery but covers some great topics and includes discussion forums, videos and resources to help students navigate such tasks and assignments as blogging, essay writing, proper research techniques on the web and a final research project.  It’s not a traditional English Composition course insofar as it includes non-writing communication methods which are indicative of the changing modes of communication that students encounter every day.


Check out and even download the course at http://courses.moodleshare.com/course/view.php?id=82.  Note that the course utilizes a webpage format with the activities, resources and assignments invisible except through the Activities Block and links throughout the nicely designed course.  Below is a screenshot of what students would see accessing the course’s homepage: