September 2020 update: Moodle now provides OAuth 2.0 authentication in the core. With OAuth 2.0, user login credentials from most modern sites and social media (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc) can be used to authenticate and login users. Learn more here: OAuth 2 Services at; also OAuth 2 authentication.

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Original, 2016 post:

Here’s a cool resource by Jerome Mouneyrac (@mouneyrac) at Moodle, IT and me blog which provides the tools necessary for bringing Google Authentication to your Moodle site (just like Facebook Connect for Moodle).  The Oauth2 Plugin for Moodle is Jerome’s first authentication plugin for Moodle 2.0 and you can see it working at a sample site to see just how easy registration can be if your users are Gmail/Google Apps users already.

Unfortunately at the time of this posting the Module was not yet available at (but here’s the link just in case).  While the addon is working, the service is currently in beta (use at your own risk).


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