If you haven’t noticed Moodle is making a push into songs and lyrics lately.  There are at least 4 Moodle-tribute songs available in lyric or music video form. Check them all out and sing along.  Or at least hum that tune while creating courses, activities or server administrating.

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(That’s what I’ll be doing all day.  Robbie Williams is already stuck in my head.)

1. (My personal favorite) Dawn of Thunder’s “Moodle”

2. Gavin Henrick’s “Every Click you Take” (to the tune of The Police – Every Breathe you Take)

3. Kent Brooks “Thank God I’m a Moodle boy” (to the tune of John Denver “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”)

4. Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama “Moodle Two One” (to the tune of Robbie Williams’ “Millenium”)

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